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About Us

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) is a non-partisan, non-politic and independent foreign policy organization established to discuss and introduce international relations issues to many relevant actors in Indonesia such as diplomats, ambassadors, government officials, academia, researchers, businesses, media, lecturers, think tanks, students and media. FPCI is also dedicated to study the most-pressing foreign policy issues in relates to ASEAN, geopolitics, middle powers, geo-economics and diaspora.

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) was formed with the aim of developing Indonesian internationalism, making it more entrenched throughout the archipelago, and projecting itself to the rest of the world. FPCI is determined to form a large international relations community with mature and sensitive insights on bilateral, regional and global issues. FPCI aims to be a facilitator that can bring the “world” to the region and simultaneously bring grassroots and regional thoughts to the national and world stage.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to promote and shape positive Indonesian internationalism throughout the nation and to the world.

We want to bring foreign policy to the grassroots, and to provide a dynamic meeting point where everyone interact as equals.

We aim to be an independent, credible voice for Indonesia’s foreign policy.


Our Founders

DPD Profile

Dr. Dino Patti Djalal

Founder of FPCI
Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Prof. Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Co-founder of FPCI
Peter Gontha

Ambassador Peter F. Gontha

Co-founder of FPCI

Our Advisor


Donny Agustiady

Senior Advisor

Our Staffs


Mohamad Irfan

Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary

Multi-track Diplomacy Program | Media Engagement


Andhika E. Putra

Organizational and Community Support Manager

Supermentor Series | Government-related Programs


Raynaldi Herdiansyah

Community Communications Officer

FPCI University Chapter | School of Diplomacy


Cindy Annemarie Mandagi

Community Program and Event Officer

Youth Development Program


Calvin Khoe

Research and Development Program Officer

Indonesian Foreign Policy | Southeast Asia | Geopolitics | Indonesian Diaspora


Thomas Noto Suoneto

Director of Special Projects and Institutional Relations

Corporate Policy Brief Program | East Asian Program


Nur Afni Damanik

Special Projects and Corporate Relations Officer

Corporate Policy Brief Program


Wahyu Rizky Rahmadansyah

Lead Designer and Office Manager

Hélène Le Touzey

Director of Finance

Zoe Rimba

Special Project and Grant Officer

1000 Abrahamic Circles Project


Meisha Marsella

Operational Officer

1000 Abrahamic Circles Project


Novrisa Briliantina

Operational Officer

1000 Abrahamic Circles Project


Camille Bismonte

Esther N. S. Tamara

Esther N. S. Tamara


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