Since 2014, FPCI never stop engaging the students on every events. Students have been actively participated spreading the FPCI values and helping the arrangement of FPCI events. FPCI Chapter has growth significantly along with students’ creativity and eagerness to enhance their insight on Indonesian Foreign Policy specifically, and global issues generally.

By now, there are 18 chapters had officially established with the upcoming 12 chapters to be established. FPCI is welcoming the students, especially whom majoring International Relations, to build FPCI Chapter on their respective alma mater.


  1. Bakrie University
  2. Diponegoro University
  3. Hasanuddin University
  4. London School of Public Relations
  5. University of Indonesia
  6. Padjadjaran University
  7. Parahyangan Catholic University
  8. Paramadina University
  9. President University
  10. University of North Sumatera
  11. University of Jayabaya
  12. University of Bosowa Makassar
  13. University of Pelita Harapan
  14. University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran, East Java
  15. University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran, Jakarta
  16. University of Andalas, West Sumatera
  17. University of Pattimura, Ambon
  18. The Mollucan Christian University of Indonesia, Ambon


  1. Airlangga University
  2. Gadjah Mada University
  3. Jakarta State University
  4. Mulawarman University
  5. Pancasila University
  6. Syarief Hidayatullah State Islamic University
  7. Sunan Ampel State Islamic University
  8. Udayana University
  9. University of Prof. Dr. Moestopo
  10. University of Satya Negara Indonesia
  11. University of 17 August 1945
  12. Institute of Social and Political Science, Jakarta