CIFP (Conference on Indonesian Foreign Policy)

Conference on Indonesian Foreign Policy (CIFP) is an open, independent non-political forum which is held annually and also facilitates public discussions on Indonesia’s relations with the world in all aspect: geopolitics, security, defense, economy, culture, environment, youth, and many more.

CIFP is a festival diplomacy that provides a dynamic meeting point for ministers, government officials, ambassadors, diplomats, experts, politicians, celebrities, corporate figures, public figures, military and intelligence officers, researchers, journalists, observers, lecturers, and students from all over the country and abroad.

CIFP was first held in 2015. It was the largest conference ever held focusing on Indonesia’s foreign policy, with over 2000 participants attending. The topics that CIFP has covered include ASEAN, Maritime Fulcrum, Winning Globalization, Major Powers, Emerging Powers, Democracy, G-20, Economic Diplomacy, Islam and the West, Multilateralism, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Piracy, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Terrorism, South China Sea, Brexit, and many more.

CIFP is a “must attend” for international relations practitioners, thinkers, and enthusiasts who wish to expand their knowledge and find new ideas. Some campuses make it mandatory for their students to attend CIFP due to its enormous educational value to the students understanding of international relations.