Saturday, 21st October 2017
Registration open at 08.00 a.m.

Last year, FPCI successfully convened what was recognized by MURI House of Records as “The World’s Largest Conference Focusing on Indonesian Foreign Policy”. The conference was attended by around 6,000 participants from all around Indonesia and from abroad.

We are pleased to announce that this year Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) will convene the Conference on Indonesian Foreign Policy 2017 in Jakarta on Saturday 21 October 2017. We expect this year’s Conference to be as big — if not bigger — than last year’s CIFP. Our central theme this year is “Win-Winning ASEAN, Conquering Globalization”. This theme is chosen in line with the commemoration of 50 Years of ASEAN, and to zoom on the challenge of globalization which seems to take surprising turns in recent years. CIFP is pleased to invite all stake- holders in international relations — officials, diplomats, business people, military, researchers, public figures, lecturers, students, etc — to attend this festival of diplomacy. CIFP will also feature outstanding speakers from Indonesia and abroad to speak in the 18 sessions of CIFP.

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The sessions to be held are:
1. ASEAN at 50 : Ideas to transform ASEAN for the next 50 Years
2. Indonesia’s Maritime Fulcrum policy : A policy update on what has been done and what remains to be done
3. A Confusing world order : Indonesia in A World of Trump, Xi Jinping , Putin, Modi and Abe
4. Asia’s Hot Spots : Rohingya, North Korea, Marawi
5. Diplomacy Clinic by Indonesian and Resident Ambassadors
6. Going ASEAN and Going Global : Pemimpin-Pemimpin Unggul Daerah Membahas Tantangan dan Strategi Merebut Peluang-Peluang di Kawasan dan Pentas Global
7. A Discussion on Blind Spots, Stress Points, and Potential Pitfalls in Indonesian Foreign Policy
8. Globalization Best Performers : World’s competitive and innovative economies explain their reforms strategy
9. Free Trade as Strategy for Globalization : Did we miss something, did others get an early start?
10. Diplomacy Clinic by Indonesian and Resident Ambassadors

11. ASEAN Corporate Champions : The challenge of Going ASEAN and Going Global
12. A conversation with Indonesia's Former Foreign Ministers about world affairs
13. Strategic Trends to Live and Die For : 5 Thinkers each outline 3 major game-changers that can potentially shape Indonesia’s future
14. Indonesia and China’s Belt and Road Initiative : How Fast, How Soon, How Much and How Active should our engagement be?
15. From Youth to Youth : 5 International Young Leaders discuss critical issues of our time
16. Assesing President Jokowi’s Foreign Policy at Mid-Term : the scorecard so far, and what to watch for in the next 2 years?
17. A Conversation with Sri Mulyani on The Indonesia’s Engagement with G20 and the State of the World Economy
18. The Return of the Angels : 5 Bidadari Bicara Mengenai Arti Globalisasi bagi Generasi Y
19. ASEAN Centrality : Can ASEAN Hold Together Amidst Geopolitical Shift and Evolving Regional Architecture
20. The South China Sea Disputes : Will ASEAN and China find convergence

About CIFP :
Conference on Indonesian Foreign Policy (CIFP) is an open, independent non-political forum which facilitates public discussions on Indonesia’s relations with the world in all aspect: Geopolitics, Security, Defense, Economy, Culture, Environment, Youth, and many more.

CIFP is a festival of diplomacy that brings officials, Ambassadors, diplomats, politicians, celebrities, businessmen, public figures, military, intelligent, experts, journalists, researchers, lecturers, and students.

CIFP is a “must attend” for international relations practitioners, thinkers, and enthusiasts who wish to expand their knowledge and find new ideas. Some campuses make it mandatory for their students to attend CIFP due to its enormous educational value to the students understanding of international relations.

Venue of CIFP 2017:
The Kasablanka, Kota Kasablanka Mall
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88 Jakarta Selatan 12870 (near to The Park Lane apartment)



Thank you for your kind attention.


Ambassador Dino Patti Djalal,

Founder of Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI),

and Team CIFP 2017