Write to China

In cooperation with Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Jakarta, FPCI held an essay writing competition. This competition targets bright Indonesian students aged 18 to 25 to deliver their thoughts about China and/or bilateral relations between Indonesia and China.

2016 was a big hit of Write to China where 10 best essay writers went to China for 10 amazing days. This year, the committee decided to expand the winners to twenty with two weeks of trip. The winners will be living the Chinese student life for a week and joining the class on top universities in Indonesia. To spice up the trip, some Chinese students will go along with the winners.

To join the competition, you only have to send your best essay according to the theme; “What Indonesian Youth think about China”. The topic of the essay may come vary, you can write on economic aspect, politics, social and culture, and else as long as it’s relevant with the theme. The essay should be written in 1000 to 2000 words long in English.

As you prepared the essay, please keep in mind that you must have a passport that valid at least until November 2017. The committee will not be responsible for your passport. However, your visa permission and travel fee will not be burdened to you. If you have finished the essay, you can submit it through this link: bit.ly/writetochina17. You have to answer several questions and attach a copy of student ID in Image format, then you could submit the essay in Words format.