Write To China

Write To China is an essay competition that is held annually by FPCI in cooperation with Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Jakarta. This competition targets bright Indonesian students aged 18 to 25 to deliver their thoughts about China and/or bilateral relations between Indonesia and China.

Write To China was first started in 2016. It was a big hit where 10 best essay writers went to China for 10 amazing days. Since 2017, the committees decided to expand winners to twenty with two weeks of trip. The winners will be living the Chinese student life for a week and joining the class on top universities in Indonesia. To spice up the trip, some Chinese students will go along with the winners.

In 2017, 20 winners of Write to China had completed a trip to Fujian Province, China and four cities in Indonesia. Last year program was also joined by 20 Chinese students, accompanied by officials representatives from both countries and media. The winners had chance to be seated in some classes at universities, met the leaders of governments, and experienced the visit to cultural sites in China and Indonesia.