Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia is pleasured to once again hosting the notable essay competition for Indonesian students, “Write to China”. In cooperation with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Jakarta, the project has been undergone for 4 years. The project has been expanded into trilateral cooperation with the Fujian Provincial Government as the third party since 2017. Under the official name of “China-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program”, the project is targeting college students aged between 18 to 24 years old to engage in a people-to-people diplomacy through a two-weeks travel exchange with the Chinese students. Not only students, but the committee will also invite other participants with various backgrounds to enrich the content, such as official government representatives, journalists, young researchers, and social media influencers.

To participate in the exchange program, 20 Indonesian students will be selected based on their essay, with its major theme being “Strengthening Indonesia-China Bilateral Relations”. The essay should be:

1. Written in English and consist of 1000-1500 words
2. Use font style Times New Roman, size 12, space 1.5 and use footnote if you insert references
3. Saved as document format with file name: WTC19_(Your Name)_(Your University)

Upon registering, participants must complete the form which is available at and must carefully remember to:
1. Complete the form with valid data
2. Upload an image format of Student Card
3. Upload an essay in document (Ms. Word) format
4. Save their registration link to Edit their answers, Upload required documents, and Submit the final data by 15 February 2019
5. Stay updated about the competition by following @fpcindo (Instagram and Twitter account) or regularly check the latest news on our website.

Essays will be judged based on its grammar and vocabulary, topic relevance, and argument strength. Please keep in mind that every participant may write about any subject —politics, economy, socio-culture, etc., as long as it fits into the major theme. After being graded, the committee will sort out the Top 30 participants to be interviewed. The final judgment will be decided directly by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. However, all sent essays will be equally assessed by FPCI as well as experts and senior researchers.

Finally, the most anticipated part is the winner announcement, which will be posted on 10 March 2019 through email and social media. The winners will be entitled to:
1. An exchange trip to Beijing and Fujian Province, followed with a trip to several cities in Indonesia (details will be shared only to selected winners)
2. The committee will cover:
– Visa Processing and Fees
– Transportation
– Accommodation
– Meals
– Certificate and Allowance
Additional notes: please remember that the winners must have a passport that is valid until at least October 2019.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask the committee by sending an email to with the subject: ASK_(Your Name), and mention or send a message to FPCI’s social media accounts.

Best of luck!