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Research & Analysis

FPCI Research and Analysis (FPCI R&A) is FPCI’s research division focusing on 6 areas of interest – Geo-Politics, Indonesian Foreign Policy, ASEAN, Cities, Diaspora, and Globalization. Our work is to contribute to the foreign policy development and thinking process. We work in collaboration with policy makers, experts, lecturers, researchers, officials, as well as the public on specific issues and trends. Our product is characterized as a policy-oriented analysis. We also work to enhance public understanding and engagement on international issues through conferences, public discussions, reports and publications.

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Our Experts

DPD Profile

Dr. Dino Patti Djalal

prof. hasjim djalal

Prof. Hasjim Djalal

Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Prof. Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Our Fellows

Soemadi Brotodiningrat

Amb. Soemadi Brotodiningrat

Najib Riphat

Amb. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema

Jonah Blank

Dr. Jonah Blank

Christinr Tjhin

Christine Tjhin, Ph.D

DIna Wisnu

Dr. Dinna Prapto Raharja


Shofwan Al-Banna Choiruzzad

Our Researcher


Calvin Khoe

Research Associate
Esther N. S. Tamara

Esther N. S. Tamara

Research Associate
Steffani Alivia

Steffani Alivia

Research Associate